Please help me set this up

Post your questions about SoftEther VPN software here. Please answer questions if you can afford.
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Please help me set this up

Post by NoobNeedsHelp » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:14 pm


I have never set up any kind of vpn before. From my readings, SoftEther suggests using a dedicated NIC for the gateway internet connection and a separate NIC for bridging.


1. Does the bridged NIC simply sit there or does the switch for the LAN behind it connect to this bridged IP?

2. I want any computer on LAN A to be able to see any other computer on LAN B, and any computer on LAN B to see any other computer on LAN A. Will one SoftEther vpn connection allow this? Or will that require a server on A, client on B and a second vpn with server on B, client on A?

3. Is the multi-NIC "SoftEther hub" computer also part of the network for the other computers. That is, say I have a usb camera or printer attached to multi-NIC computer A. Will computers on LAN B be able to access the SoftEther desktop at multi-NIC A, and vice-versa?

Please keep in mind that I am a noob to vpn's like this. Given my hypothetical IP setup in the diagram, what specifically do I need to do when I set up SoftEther on multi-NIC A and multi-NIC B? That is, one is set up as server, the other as client?

Since the WAN is dynamic, I will set it up to make use of the SoftEther proxy that allows each multi-NIC at A and B to find the other one.

Do I put the gateway at A as or as ?
Do I put the gateway at B as or as ?

If I use and for the bridges at A and B, will I also use these IP's for the gateways for the various computers in LAN A and LAN B? Or do I assign the gateway for computers on LAN A and LAN B to something else?

I want any computer to see any other computer. All LAN computers at both A and B will have static, similar IP's to make sure that once the SoftEther vpn is established that they will all be on the same LAN and subnet.

As it stands now, both LAN A and LAN B are up and running without any issues. I just want to be able to access A comps when I am at site B, and access B comps when I am at site A.

Sometimes the internet connection at A or B might go down and/or the modems/firewalls/multi-NIC's might be rebooted either deliberately or by the power company not keeping the grid up. I need the vpn to automatically reconnect the LAN's upon reboot if that is possible.

Please help with setup (baby-step details appreciated).

~Noob with flash drive in hand.

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Re: Please help me set this up

Post by NoobNeedsHelp » Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:24 pm

1. Does the LAN switch connect to the bridged ethernet port?
2. Do I use this bridged ethernet port IP as the gateway for the LAN computers behind the Softether server or do I use the second ethernet port IP that goes to the firewall and cable modem?
3. Is the Softether server/client simply a router for the LAN like a dedicated firewall box? Do I need a third ethernet connection to go to the switch for the LAN?


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