Sex, Drugs, Illegal & fake products and users safety!!

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Sex, Drugs, Illegal & fake products and users safety!!

Post by fenice » Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:13 pm

Does the University of Tsukuba approve or condone the current state of these forums? I guess that must be the case as name and logo of the University appear all over the SoftEther web site?

I'm really concerned about the state of the forums & the software used on these forums. The forums themselves are only HTTP login, no HTTPS and therefore no security for the users.

There is also a ton (and I mean a lot) of spam on the forums 'advertising' products such as Escort agencies (and prostitution, illegal viagra, illegal fake passports, illegal fake (and dangerous) products, gambling - you name it, it's on there.

Even though I report all the posts from spammers, and have done since I joined, almost non of this rubbish gets removed and many of these 'spammers' have been on there for years.

Just for interest here are some of the most recent: ... le&u=16011 - 2,400+ posts in two days. ... le&u=16115 - 36 posts in 40 mins. ... le&u=14147 ... ort#p24244 ... le&u=15212 - viagra ... mit=Search - - fake shoes ... mit=Search - fashion dresses ... mit=Search - FAKE documents

I guess you can see my point here?

You really need to get a handle on this problem, the forum software needs updating and there needs to be some (of the available) plugins installed that reduce the spam on the forums that use phpBB software.

I'm a moderator on a large active site for an open source Mail Server software and I've never seen a forum run as badly as this one is, I've even offered to help clean-up this mess but all my posts on this topic have been ignored and I guess this one will suffer the same fate.

I don't really believe that such a prestigious University as yours would approve of the state of these forum and I sincerely hope that something is done to improve the user experience. Don't forget that google and all the other search engines crawl your web site and by that you are associated with all the rubbish and illegal products that get seen when searching the internet.

I care that these forums are in a healthy state and that they and SoftEther VPN don't disappear because of a lack of action.


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