Taco Bell breaks SSL

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Taco Bell breaks SSL

Post by Chilly8 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:05 pm

Somehow Taco Bell has found a way to break SSL, at least what is used by the SSL VPNs on SoftEther. Before possibly going on a road trip next week, I was testing OpenVPN on port 443, as I will periodically need to check the server for my online radio station, and MetroPCS/TMobile blocks LT2P VPNs.

Testing this on the TacoBell wifi for customers, I found they let me connect to my server, but if I try to access any site that they have filtered, it will still be blocked, even going through my port 443 SSL VPN. Somehow, Taco Bell found a way to crack OpenVPN's SSL.

If Taco Bell can break SSL, anyone can. How long until some more nefarious hackers discover they can do that, and threaten things like credit card numbers and the like.

So, do be careful when using SSL mode on port 443, your connection can be cracked and sniffed. If it is not blocked, use the LT2P/IPSec connection on any server, as that has not yet been cracked, than I am aware of, and is probably a lot more secure than OpenVPN's SSL on port 443.

SSL can be cracked and sniffed.

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Re: Taco Bell breaks SSL

Post by yume » Tue May 31, 2016 1:25 pm

OpenVPN is very secure protocol, the reason why you can't open blocked site is probably because you haven't changed DNS, and your site is blocked by DNS, change DNS to
OpenVPN doesn't change DNS by default

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