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Using VPN for beginner

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:54 am
by zephyrmorning
First will this work for Ghana Africa? Specifically in/from Accra, Ghana?
Second is this something I can use with Skype as I saw in another forum in regard to servers blocking Skype and someone getting around the problem using this VPN. They were in Morocco and I did see something on here from Kenya.
Third is this for use with actual internet like Skype IMS or is this just for phone calls? I have used government VPN but was only for phone calls.
Thank you

Re: Using VPN for beginner

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:57 pm
by gvilkas
This works anywhere where an Internet or intranet service exists. Thus it can secure your traffic either around the world or within your office when sending data from one location to another.

Softether VPN server and client are used anytime you need to secure the data between your remote and your host location. It also secures traffic between locations in your company. Ex branch to branch. So if you have locations served by different ISPS then you could use softether client and server to exit onto the Internet in an area that is served by a different ISP from the one you are in. So in theory you could avoid the local block.

If you only want to use Skype, are only an individual and need to bypass a block in your area by your ISP then your situation may be a little different. You would want to consider a VPN service with multiple distant exits. An example of this service is called and is created by volunteers using Softether tools. To use this service go to www dot Vpngate dot net and download the software. You can then use Skype via any volunteer's exit site.

A simple way to verify if your exit location has changed before using the vpngate service with skype is to determine your external ip address using a "what is my ip" service. An example of this is or

Skype is a Voice and video over ip service. Your government ip phone service is very similar but just for voice over their private network. You should not use the government network for private Skype communications as it is probably against the rules and you could be monitored and questions asked about your activities.

Once connected with a VPN you should run a speed test before turning on Skype to see what the up and down speeds are. You will then be able to compare how well Skype works at differing speeds as you try different exit points.

Good luck.

Re: Using VPN for beginner

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 5:01 pm
by zephyrmorning
Thank you for such a complete and fast reply. I will see how it goes. I'm not with the government anymore so don't have to worry about trying them. They listen and watch everything you do.