I’m a sole proprietor-work at home-need VPN

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I’m a sole proprietor-work at home-need VPN

Post by Ddwsn4+4 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:46 pm

I have worked in cyber for 20+ years writing company info sec policies, done training, project management, and regulatory compliance. I haven’t done admin work since DOS 3.1 and IBM system 36-38.
I’m now a sole proprietor and have found that the tools I used in the corporate arena (50,000 employees) don’t scale down to me. I need to be able to secure my and my clients data. My colleagues also need all security stuff too but the jargon stops them from understanding what they need and what would work for them.
I’m interested in your software and think it’s exactly what we need (along with some other things). Using home-use software is a sticky area because while my network is in my home, I use it for my business and personal use. It’s also just a stripped version of their business offerings and therefore - especially VPN - is almost useless for the average massage therapist.
My colleagues are attorneys, massage therapists, yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, psychic arts practitioners, psychologists, any profession you can think of that is a sole proprietor, works as an independent contractor and micro small business.
I want to gather easy to use and understand software, create training and documentation for it, and recommend software and services for this ignored group of business owners.
I’m a perfect guinea pig for this because while I understand most of the jargon and can do some of the admin work, I need an understanding group to hold my hand through getting the needed hardware, loading and installing the software, and configuring the VPN.
Oh and none of us has any budget for this stuff.
Are you guys willing to help?
Diane Dawson

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Re: I’m a sole proprietor-work at home-need VPN

Post by jennylove » Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:36 am

Did you get any VPN yet?

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