softeter vpn client in ubuntu and openwrt

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softeter vpn client in ubuntu and openwrt

Post by freeroute » Tue Jan 28, 2020 2:49 pm

softether vpn client in ubuntu x64
I used softether vpn client in windows 10 x64,it is very well ,connecting easy and connected very well.
But in ubuntu ,I find more information in google,no GUI operation way,open CLI,only use one server.
Hope used softether vpn client like windows version.

softether vpn client in openwrt x64
Most firmwares have softether vpn server within ,but I am need softether vpn client only,
two files:softethervpnclient-openwrt-x64.ipk ,luci-app-softethervpnclient-all.ipk

Thank you!

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