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VPN server list only shows 200 servers? (out of 13206 Public VPN Server)

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 2:28 pm
by matrixnet

My does my VPN Gate Public Relay Server List only show maximum of 200 servers?
The website said that they have over 13206 servers currently online/on the record.

I have troble connecting to the server I want as 90% of all the server listed in either Japan or South Korea.
If you can't display all list of server due to technical issues, add an filter to show the country you want.
(you might also want to add ping, speed as an fliter option)
Also, even when I have the country i want, sometimes it bring up sign in portal which defeat the propose of having a VPN on a public wifi.

I hope the developers will consider this feedback as I love using this useful tool.

Thank you.