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Connecnt Google Compute Engine to local Network

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 9:30 pm
by markus78566
Hello, as part of my thesis I would like to connect a local network with the Google Compute Eninge to build a distributed Kubernetes cluster. I have followed the tutorial linked here ( ... Bridge_VPN) and have set up all steps up to point 9.4.1 ( ... igurations). I now have a VPN server in the cloud and a VPN bridge in my local network.

II have no experience in building a VPN network so I am a bit lost as I now have to create the Cascade Connection with a Local Bridge. And in the next step the build a LAN-to-LAN Bridge VPN between Cloud and On-premise. Is there perhaps already another tutorial which describes the steps in more detail or can anyone here help me how to do this on the first implementation? (For your information, all my machines run under Ubuntu)