retained logs, delivering user info to law enforcement

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retained logs, delivering user info to law enforcement

Post by jsrnephdoc » Mon May 24, 2021 6:30 pm

I'm a simple end-user in the US. I use a commercial VPN to keep my own internet activity private and secure when I'm using my laptop on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. I've just read about the VPNgate, and I have a few questions:
  1. If each volunteer retains access logs for a minimum of 2 weeks and agrees to deliver them to law enforcement personnel on legal request, does that not compromise the very purpose of the VPN?
    • If such requests come from "Law enforcement" authorities in countries with known poor respect for individual liberties, are the volunteer providers of VPN servers obligated to comply with those requests?
      • If the original intent of the open source project was that it was designed to last about 8 years, is the intent now to keep it active for the foreseeable future, or is the experiment almost over?
      I'm in no way attempting to disparage the experiment, just trying to understand how it works.

      Thanks so much.

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