bridge between 2 hosts to share IP on inet from one

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bridge between 2 hosts to share IP on inet from one

Post by chriszorro » Sun Oct 30, 2022 12:32 pm

I have a machine which is on the internet with one ipv4 official address and which can have as many ipv6 addresses as I want (also on the internet), this one is let's say my "inet host".
A second machine is in my private network having no official ip on the internet but access as a client through a NAT to the internet. I want to use one of the ipv6 addresses of my inet host to give it to my private computer (as if it were directly connected to internet).

Is it possible to bridge somehow at a level 2 the network interfaces of my 2 computers, define on ipv6 on my inet host and same on my private one and behaving as a single host ? my private machine will receive all incoming traffic to the ipv6 address of the inet host.

Or must I assign a different ipv6 to my private computer and redirect all incoming traffic fro internet to the public ipv6 to the private ipv6 using a NAT mechanism ?

I would like to avoid the software NAT and use a bridge to use the public ipv6 address directly inside my private computer.
Any help appreciated and even rewarded if you are interested in cryptos, this will allow me to install my masternodes differently. I can help in cryptos if needed.

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