My usage scenario and questions, please help

Post your questions about SoftEther VPN software here. Please answer questions if you can afford.
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My usage scenario and questions, please help

Post by hkccm2k » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:35 am

Hi everybody,

I am new to SoftEther and have a few questions under the following usage scenario:
Linux server (IP# running SoftEther server and established local bridge to eth0 which is connected to a WiFi router (IP# with broadband Internet. The WiFi router provides DHCP and DNS services for home LAN. Squid is also running in Linux server to provide proxy service.
Private IP subnets (10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x and 172.x.x.x) with my PC (IP# and DNS server assigned by DHCP server) running Windows 7. Internet is provided through broadband with http proxy and firewall in the middle. I can use SoftEther client in my PC to establish VPN through 443 port to home VPN server. The VPN client is assigned IP# ( and DNS server ( by home WiFi router DHCP service.
L2TP and OpenVPN clients can connect to home VPN server and route traffic to Internet through home Wifi router.
Office PC established VPN to home to remotely access home resources (e.g. file shares, printer etc). In case I want to bypass office proxy filtering and logging, I will point the proxy to home Squid server. Current office provided services should not be affected.

Problems and questions:
1) After office PC establishing VPN, it gets DNS server pointed to home WiFi router, original office provided DNS server is not used. This caused may services (e.g. Outlook) failed working owning to incorrect/failed DNS name lookup of office hostnames.
2) After office PC established VPN connection, there is one default route added besides network route. The follow show you such routes by "route print" command.
IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 20
this one=> 2
This default route is not required as I only connect home resources and occasionally utilizing home Squid server to connect Internet.
3) In office I can ping and access all home LAN assigned IP# except VPN server one ( I couldn't ssh into this host for administration and also not possible to utilize Squid server running under this IP#.

Do I miss out anything in the puzzle or mis-configured anything?

Any helps or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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