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Don't allow VPN to be default gateway

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:36 pm
by drtweak
Any way to now all the VPN for internet traffic? I use it to access two of my PC's together but when since my upload is limited to 10Mbps when i try to do any internet work i get the 10Mbps of my VPN server, vs the 100 of the local internet. Causes a lot of slow downs when i am trying to multitask/download on the internet.

I have only been using it for like 2 weeks now so I am a noob when it comes to all the settings. I was able to follow to get it running. I do IT and looked as much as i could and couldn't find anything. I am use to SonicWALLs routers and their software and you have the option to only allow for local traffic and not internet.

I do have a Virtual Switch setup with an IP of the server LAN, it is set a bridge with the local network adapter on the VPN server. No IPsec/L2TP setup, VPN Gates, or Azure setup. SecureNAT disabled.