Correct mindset

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Correct mindset

Post by socar » Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:18 pm

Hi all,
I'm new to SoftEther. Previous experience with OpenVPN was great, but I'm really FED UP configuring OpenVPN using notepad on Windows servers, thus I decided to give SoftEther a try.

I'm trying to setup SIMPLE VPN:
  • I have a public server (small VPS on aruba cloud)
  • I want to install two clients in my networks that would connect to the server and access resources thru Windows Share
  • To simplyfy: Server have a windows share, Client1 have a windows share, Client2 have a windows share. Everyone and each other should be able to access their windows share. Shares are shared with "everyone" permission.
  • No traffic forwarding
What I did:
  • I installed SoftEther Server (Hub mode, with SecureNAT, connection over certificates) on "main" VPS I got (received
  • I installed SoftEether Client on my laptop, disabled "routing" and changed NIC mark to 99 so no traffic routing (received
  • can ping and the other way around. They cant however access windows share mentioned earlier (nor RDP etc)

What I TRIED to resolve that problem
  • I installed another SoftEther Client on my VPS and configured it to use localhost Server. This server-side client received
  • I then could access the share's on (primary client) and (client on the server)
MAJOR setback
Setting up above causes that my VPS burns to hell - uses 99% of mem and 99% of CPU all the time. I tested that this concept works and shut down the server. the VPS is small one (1core 2GB ram) but I did not had such issues with OpenVPN in past which is there for the same purpose.

What I'm doing wrong in above model? What to do to access server windows share without installing a client on it? And if client is neccessary what is causing this resource collision so when server and client are on the same machine - cpu melts and is used 99% ?

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