How to create adapter and cmd

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How to create adapter and cmd

Post by Liam21 » Thu Jun 30, 2022 2:03 pm

Am trying to make something like gameranger lan app.

Main purpose of use of this vpn is for lan connection gaming so that in multilayer screen game detects hosted games.

Main question now I created a chat client in visual basic people will create rooms and create host them self and who ever opens a new room is a host and people that join are users.

I tested the vpn using vmware without vpn and this is the results.

Vmware opens a game as host and pc game as user can't see the host in game lobby.

If pc user host a game than vmuser can see host of pc user.

If vpn used both host can be seen at each time of of them host.

I need the vpn to be part of my application the command line so that I can install the virtual adapter and run some cmd command to create users no password and connect vpn to main target ip.

So in command prompt how do I create virtual adapter and assign my main ip.
Create user with no password and rest default settings that's it

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