VPN Slow Connection Fixed 2022

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VPN Slow Connection Fixed 2022

Post by Liam21 » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:55 pm

open server
1: double click the item in list local host
2: manage virtual hub
3: virtual nat
4: disable secure nat
5: local bridge settings
click the vlan transperency button and select your ethernet port the main one not the virtual ones.
back one page / virtual hub dropdown list keep selecting it/open close it may show blank and select your vpn virtual netname.
lan adapter your main ethernet adapter
if you name your virtual network VPN then try and select from list or type it exactly same.
and click local bridge button
press exit.

now open client and connect.
open your webbrowser press refresh once go to speed test and test it will be fast same speed.

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