Help a noob: RDC through SoftEther

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Help a noob: RDC through SoftEther

Post by CygnusBlack » Fri Apr 26, 2024 6:38 pm

Hello! 👋

I'm a total noob and I need help securing RDC sessions through VPN.
A Windows Server is hosting 3 users who have access to their desktop remotely.
They open the RDC utility (3389), write the ip of the ISP and connect to the server, to the user, transparently.
I'd like to configure a VPN connection so that the user must use it to connect to the server, so I can increase security a tad and a need a guide to do so.
I'm not well versed with all this so you'll need to explain as you'd do with a 5y old.

Thanks in advance!

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