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Cascade Connection Failed

Posted: Sun May 12, 2024 7:06 pm
by Wubian
I have a problem with cascade connection. every things will works perfectly with IPV4.
Here is my scenario:
I want to connect server 1 to server 2 via cascade connection. I did it seamlessly by the help and complete guide of your forum. Thank you again.

If I use IPv4 this setup will work perfectly without any problem.
Server 1 -----> server 2

but if I want to use IPv6, Cascade connection won't connect from server 1 to server 2.
* bot server have IPV6 and can ping each other
* I can connect to server 2 with IPv6
* virtual hub in server 2 will identified from server 1 even with IPV6! so server 1 can see server 2 via IPv6.
but this cascade connection won't connect and the error is:

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Error 1: connection to the server failed. check network connection and make sure that address and port number of destination are correct. 
since server 1 can find virtual hub name by server 2 IPv6, I'm sure the IP and port number is correct. but I can't figure out why this connection won't connect?

I appreciate any help and suggestion.
Thank you in advance;

Re: Cascade Connection Failed

Posted: Thu May 23, 2024 9:12 am
by Wubian

Softether is just brilliant!!!

I don't know why but just with re-installing Destination Server this problem has been solved!

Thank you again.