Replacing SoftEther's web page [solved and with recommendation to dev team]

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Replacing SoftEther's web page [solved and with recommendation to dev team]

Post by superleech » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:24 am

In the new version of SoftEther you can actually connect to the address and port using a web browser. SoftEther's web server will greet you with information on using SoftEther and JSON administration. I thought this was really stupid to share with the world that this port is a SoftEther server and get banned pretty fast by restrictive governments. The index.html served is embedded into this hamcore.se2 file that needs to be rebuilt. The good news is the SoftEther team implemented a way to override any file inside the hamcore.se2.

What you do is in the installation directory where your vpnserver binary exists go create a hamcore subdirectory. Everything inside this hamcore subdirectory will override any files found from within hamcore.se2.

To replace the index.html, put your new index.html into: [softether install directory]/hamcore/wwwroot/index.html

Now when you connect to your SoftEther server address and port you will be greeted with your custom index.html. I have mine empty. You can put whatever you want in there or you can auto-redirect the browser to another website.

Recommendation for the SoftEther team:

Please make sure that any incoming connection must provide their username and password or certificate before SoftEther responds over this https web server. We don't want machine learning robots to figure out which ports are SoftEther servers then shutting down connections to these servers. Staying absolutely silent until the user provides their authentication prevents detection. I also want to forward non-SoftEther TCP and UDP connections to another TCP and UDP port in a config file. This would allow me to share and serve non-SoftEther clients over the same TCP and UDP ports. Machine learning robots won't be able to distinguish a web server from an authenticated SoftEther session and would make it almost impossible to detect SoftEther.

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