Localbridge setup super slow

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Localbridge setup super slow

Post by lmartini » Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:13 pm

Hello guys.
I have a Debian Stretch server with softether 4.32.
Its a simple setup. non-virtual machine
But im getting extermly low upload/download speed when using localbridge.
Its like 5% the speed when i use secure-nat.
The users can connect, browse and work, but super slow, like 40kb/s

The vpncmd check was all "pass"
The interface its a physical interface.
The non-VPN traffic or even with securenat its far superior.
Tested with softether windows client and the openvpn linux client

In stackoverflow i found things like
"There was a problem with Local Bridge (eth0), so I changed it to Local Bridge(tap) + br0(tap + eth0)"
anyone knows how to implement?

Thanks in advance

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