Utilize Local Bridge between Virtual Hub & 3rd Party VPN Adapter...

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Utilize Local Bridge between Virtual Hub & 3rd Party VPN Adapter...

Post by DavidMerrill » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:06 pm

I've just jumped into using SoftEther VPN, it certainly seems feature-rich & have had a fair amount of success getting it going for a client (I've got several virtual-hubs running (each of which supply DHCP addresses via SecureNAT & support split-VPNs to different public IPs).

This client has come to me with an odd scenario (I'll break it down based on what I THINK I might be able to do with SoftEther VPN) where:
  • they want to use the SoftEther VPN connection (using the SoftEther VPN client) to the SoftEther-VPN-server I've set up (say they're connecting to the virtual-hub called MyVirtualHub
  • they want the SoftEther-VPN-server to make a VPN connection (using a 3rd-party VPN client),
  • they want to utilize the "local bridge" functionality to route traffic between MyVirtualHub and the subnet on the other side of the 3rd-party VPN client (i.e. SoftEther-VPN-client <===> SoftEther-VPN-server <===> SoftEthr-VPN-local-bridge functionality <===> 3rd-party-VPN-virtual-adapter <===> remote subnets
I've been able to setup the "local bridge" in SoftEtherVPN between the virtual-hub and the 3rd-party-VPN-virtual-adapter but in my tests connecting to the virtual-hub I do not get a DHCP address nor to I get the required routes I expect (that would support split-VPN).

I'd hoped once that I was able to bridge the virtual-hub with the adapter associated with the 3rd-party VPN that things would work but clearly I'm missing something. Is what I'm trying to do even possible?

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