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Post by mank » Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:59 pm


I have been using OpenVPN and am new to SoftEther.
Love the fact that a Windows 10/11 desktop can connect to a SoftEther VPN service without installing additional VPN client.

In our project, we need the VPN server to co-reside with our web application.
The application needs to identify the user.

OpenVPN offers a very useful feature of executing scripts in a variety of events.
Here's a reference of it - ... -variables

OpenVPN features --client-connect and --client-disconnect options to invoke scripts, enabling us to populate a database using various environment variables provided to the script's environment.

Our application can thus query the database to discover the "username" associated with the IP that's making the request to the application.
The scripting feature also enables us to gather much statistical data in a structured format, for further intelligence.

I have tried my best to understand if SoftEther has a similar feature, but failed to find any.
Am I missing something, or SoftEther simply doesn't have any such feature?
Hopefully one of the great hacks here, can point me in the right direction.

Tons of thanks in advance.

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